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Teleseminar And Webinar Listings
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The Secret to Bold & Gutsy Leadership

Tue, 2017-12-12 10:30
The Secret to Bold & Gutsy Leadership Steps to Develop Innovative & Effective Leaders in Your Organization In this webinar, John Baldoni, Leadership Coach & Internationally Acclaimed Author will talk about concrete, tried-and-true steps to bring

Webinar : Get Certified, Get Ahead with NEW CompTIA Security+ (SY0-501) Certific

Tue, 2017-12-12 07:00
Summary Join Patrick Lane, CompTIA Director of Products, as he presents the new Security+ (SY0-501) exam that launched in October 2017. Patrick will discuss how the new Security+ exam has become the de facto foundational certification for any cyber-

Webinar : Succeeding in the Global Workplace

Thu, 2017-12-07 07:00
Summary Every day, more organizations are capitalizing on the benefits of having employees work from home or remote locations. As a recruitment strategy, talent can be hired from anywhere and the teams should be allowed to work remotely to save th

Getting Started in the Cloud

Thu, 2017-12-07 07:00
Speed and agility are keys to modern business. Digital transformation is affecting every aspect of the organization, and the cloud is driving innovation and efficiency. It?s important for organizations considering new IT projects, hardware refreshes,

Transforming Retail - The Journey to the Cloud

Thu, 2017-12-07 05:00
Over the past few decades, the way we live our lives has changed beyond recognition. We are now living in an era where technology is evolving at an ever-faster rate, enhancing our day-to-day experiences in every aspect from communication, to travelli

Empowering the SMB with HPE and ClearOS

Wed, 2017-12-06 05:00
Many businesses like yours consider the cloud because of the perceived benefits of simplicity and lower costs. But with today?s security and availability requirements for applications and data, you still need robust, on?premises infrastructure. H

Dental Marketing Event With Google Dec 2017

Wed, 2017-12-06 03:00
Are you a Dentist looking to get New Patients? Sign up for our Exclusive Event on Google Campus on Dec 6, 2017. Learn from Google and SocialHi5 on latest trends in Digital Dental Marketing that can help grow your Practice. SocialHi5 is the New Ge

You Don?t Have to Be a Writing Turtle ? Become a Faster Writer with Some Key Tec

Sun, 2017-12-03 18:00
Stephen King writes 2,000 words a day ? the equivalent of an eight-page essay. And he doesn?t hold the record by any means. There are many writers who out-pace that. How do they do it? Is there some magical method that makes some fingers fly over the

Protect your Network w/ Fortinet Security Fabric

Fri, 2017-12-01 07:00
With the current threat landscape and growing attack surface, it is easy for a security specialist to be overwhelmed. Security Solutions become crippled when you enable the features needed for today?s threat such as SSL Inspection. Managing a myriad

Webinar: Developing & Retaining Millennial Talent Through Career Resources

Thu, 2017-11-30 07:00
Summary Find out how to build an employment brand and recruiting process that will outsell your competition and boost the quality of Gen Y applicants you receive. Discover how to revamp your strategy to include development methods most valued by G

Appium TestNG Framework and multi-device Automation execution

Wed, 2017-11-29 09:00
TestNG with Appium is one of the most popular choices among Automation engineers when it comes to Mobile App Automation. TestNG eliminates most of the limitations of the older framework and gives the developer the ability to write more flexible and p

Data Protection Strategies for Disaster Preparedness

Wed, 2017-11-29 08:00
Among other lessons, Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma have taught us that disasters can take place at any time. We can help you prepare for disasters before they happen. Cloud-based Backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) can make the di

This payments webinar will review the products covered by the regulation and the

Tue, 2017-11-28 07:00
This payments webinar will review the products covered by the regulation and the criteria used to determine coverage. Also very important to understand is the information that must be disclosed to the consumer at the time of purchase whether in a sto

Webinar: Designing a page in Adobe InDesign

Tue, 2017-11-21 07:00
Summary: Join NetCom Learning trainer, Sonia G., along with Managed Learning Services leader NetCom Learning for a complimentary interactive webinar on "Designing a page in Adobe InDesign". Get an introduction to Adobe InDesign, an industry sta

Learn about Corporate governance alignment with business ethics, the ethical fra

Tue, 2017-11-21 04:00
Internationally, a fiduciary duty refers to the highest standard of care imposed through equity or law. Expected behavior of a fiduciary is loyalty to the person or group (principal) owed a duty. Consequently, managers must not place their affairs be

Azure Online Training

Sun, 2017-11-19 18:00
Azure course that covers cloud services and cloud computing from the very basics. Certification training program will help you demonstrate your mastery in Microsoft Azure infrastructure. Azure Online Training by OnlineITGuru. Benefits of OnlineIT

Online Tutoring

Fri, 2017-11-17 18:00
Fasten up for the Online tutoring and then gain the whole knowledge for the educational subjects. Do watch the event and hence get the great information for the online tutoring all for free.

Webinar - Digital Twins Market Opportunities :- Billions of Connected Devices in

Thu, 2017-11-16 13:00
Representing a physical asset in a virtual model helps users to better understand a system, monitor the performance in real time and even predict the problems before they can occur, thereby prevent downtime. Many industries find digital twin as a new

Engagement Strategies For Holidays Dive deep into how to develop successful holi

Thu, 2017-11-16 04:00
76% of Americans used mobile devices to make purchases in 2016. Stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge marketing strategies from leading mobile marketers of 2017.? In this webinar, we will discuss: ?- Top of the Funnel Engagement Strategies ?

Time Management and Prioritisation (cont.)

Wed, 2017-11-15 18:00
Effective time management and successfully juggling multiple responsibilities are key concerns for all school teachers and administrators. When everything that comes across your desk seems both urgent and important, and you rarely seem to have any le