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Teleseminar And Webinar Listings
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Accelerate your BigData Journey with ERPA

Wed, 2017-08-02 09:00
Join us for a #Webinar on #BigData Services from @ERPAGroup on Wednesday 2nd August from 3.00 PM to 4.00 PM

Luxury Business Cards - Quality Printing, Foil Stamping & Letterpress

Sun, 2017-07-30 23:00
Establish an awesome connection â?? and guarantee it's an enduring one â?? with extravagance Luxury Business Cards from Solopress. Let our Luxury Business cards include a touch of class and speak the language of imperial brand.

[Webinar] Top Facebook Ads Strategies

Thu, 2017-07-27 08:00
â??How to Build a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign: For Agencies and Your Clientsâ? When: Thursday, July 27' 2017, at 2 pm EST During the webinar, Founder and CEO of SkylineSocial Ashley Davis will share 3 best practices of Facebook Advertising

Chronic Pain Healing Circle

Sun, 2017-07-16 14:00
sign up here to get call-in details about this class: This event is a repeating weekly class offered online, to help you with healing your chronic pain, to learn holistic healing methods, and to practice relaxation skills.

Transformative Mediation with Steven John Kreimendahl

Fri, 2017-06-30 05:00
ABOUT DAN SIMON Dan Simon is a professional mediator and owner of Simon Mediation. He teaches and practices Transformative Mediation, which supports clients in gaining the clarity and confidence to pursue what they need, while they gain the tools

Webinar on Device Compliance with MEDDEV 2.7.1 Rev 4 for Clin Eval / CER

Thu, 2017-06-29 05:00
The release of MEDDEV 2.7.1 Rev 4 June 2016 on clinical evaluations in Europe led to the the principle challenges for device companies to ensure compliance to new requirements and making justification that the available data is sufficient to support

WannaCry: A War Cry for Quick-response Agentless Solutions

Thu, 2017-06-29 03:00
WannaCry: A War Cry for Quick-response Agentless Solutions

A free webinar on Hybris Automation for a better understanding of its advantages

Wed, 2017-06-28 18:00
Want to know about the comprehensive set of automation tools from SAP Hybris? Then this is just the right place for you, in this free webinar you will learn about Hybris Automation and its benefit to the customers. The webinar will also layout the ad

Shopify SEO 101

Wed, 2017-06-28 08:00
Want your Shopify store to rank in Position 1 on Google? No matter the platform, the same SEO principles apply if you want your e-commerce store to be found in search results. While you may not outrank Amazon on day one, this Shopify SEO Webinar w

Find the Right Fit â?? How To Use Technology to Optimize Hiring Results

Tue, 2017-06-27 05:45
FREE WEBINAR Tuesday, Jun 27, 2017 1:00PM-1:45PM ET/10:00 AM â?? 10:45 AM PT In 2017, talent acquisition leaders are shifting away from fast hires to focus on the right hire. In a short conversation, Laura Mather, an expert on tech and the fu

Webinar on rSDV for Clin Ops efficiency & Cost Saving

Tue, 2017-06-27 05:00
rSDV offers the best alternative option to altogether reduce onsite monitoring activities, how to maintain subject privacy in the process of collecting source documents and what 21 CFR Part 11 requires, strategies for remote review of source document

AWS for building and scaling a Lean Startup

Tue, 2017-06-27 01:30
Leverage the raw power of Amazon Web Service to quickly scale up your business. Growing a startup isnâ??t as easy as everyone thinks. AWS provides startups with low cost and easy to use infrastructure to put your business on a fast-track growth. AW

How to manage the top 4 cyber threats

Mon, 2017-06-26 07:00
According to Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2017, almost half of all the UK businesses faced at least one cyberattack in 2016. You are no doubt aware that just a few weeks ago, NHS was crippled by the global ransomware dubbed â??WannaCryâ??. Is y

[WEBINAR] The Future of Work with IBM Futurist and Thought Leader Bill Jensen

Thu, 2017-06-22 07:00
Join thought leader and futurist Bill Jensen as he embarks on a thoughtful session along with Managed Learning Services leader NetCom Learning for an exclusive webinar on " The Future of Work", and learn how he has been helping global powerhouses lik

A Divinely Prosperous Biz

Thu, 2017-06-22 07:00
Hey there, Divine One! Your work makes a difference to those around you. You make a difference to those around you. Your work transforms lives. In addition, you have important things to say and do to help keep your community stay strong.But you

Free Web-to-Print Webinar for B2B and B2C Offline Printers

Wed, 2017-06-21 11:00
What Is the Webinar About? Webinar Topic: Building An Online Print Business: How Web-to-Print Can Expand Your Market and Customer Base When the whole world is moving online there is no reason why offline printing businesses be left behind. W

LSG Live Webinar on How to implement TOP Frameworkâ?¢ for Claims Operation Optimiz

Wed, 2017-06-21 09:30
The world is rapidly turning towards digitization, predictive analytics, automated intelligence and so on. There are plenty of technology and tools coming up in this space. We see amazing results but how prepared are you before implementing these too

Webinar: Kick It Up Beyond 9 to 5 With After-Hours Help Desk Support

Wed, 2017-06-21 08:00
Join us in an exclusive webinar with Michelle Brock on June 21st. Register Now - || #ITHelpDesk #AfterHours iSeminar Agenda: How did William Woods University identify the need for After Hours Help Desk Support f

Creating an Engaging Crowdfunding Page Webinar with Lemonlight and Start Engine

Thu, 2017-06-15 04:00
Join Lemonlight and StartEngine for a webinar to learn how to create an engaging crowdfunding page. In this Webinar, you are going to learn: -How to propel your campaign to the next level -The content that is a must on your Crowdfunding page

Rare Disease & Orphan Drug Development: Cost-Efficient Trial Design to Minimize

Sun, 2017-06-04 18:00
Discussion topics include: Key challenges to improve cost-efficiency in clinical development of orphan drugs Regulatory evolution in the review process of Orphan Drugs After examples like Sarepta's Exondys51 approval, how will the evaluation of cl